5 Benefits Of Dating Yahoo Boys, Which Make Ladies Crave Them

Rich Yahoo boys & Girlfriends

Dating is not an uncommon thing among young adolescents and youths in Nigeria. It's being practiced everywhere. From local streets, to church gatherings, to university campuses, to secondary schools. Dating is almost everywhere in Nigeria.

According to Wikipedia, Dating is an heterosexual social relationship, in which two individuals agree to interact with one another romantically, for pleasure or to ascertain if they're both compatible for marriage. Although, dating is an heterosexual thing, but nowadays, we also have homosexual dating partners. Well, I'm less concerned about that.

It shouldn't be a new thing to your hearing that Yahoo Boys are also in this dating business. We all know how SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) of the Nigerian Police and EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission), have been chasing them up and down, in the bid to nip the bud of online fraud crime, into the mud.

I don't need to talk much. Yahoo boys are everywhere on the streets of Nigeria. We all know them, as well.

I'm very sure a lot of Relationship and Dating experts would have preached against dating them, to our female folks. Well, they're not wrong neither are they right. It's a matter of personal opinions.

In this article, I wrote about 5 reasons why every Nigerian lady should consider dating a Yahoo boy. The reasons are not far-fetched:

1. Luxurious lifestyle:
 Dating a Yahoo boy will expose you to a lifestyle of luxury. Yeah, Yahoo boys can afford expensive cars, houses, and other luxuries of life. Dear lady, you won't have to struggle with the hardships of human living, as your Yahoo boyfriend will be there to help alleviate your sufferings. You wanna go to the market? Don't worry, your boyfriend will drop you off in a Benz Mercedes. Take note!

2. Yahoo Boys are Caring:
Dating a Yahoo boy can be cool as most of them are extraordinary caring to their girls. It's much more better than dating a broke guy that'll will still hurt and make you cry. Yahoo boys are known to be very good when it comes to making a woman feel loved and happy. You should consider one today!

3. Yahoo Boys are Fashionable:
Most girls do complain, "my boyfriend is not this, my boyfriend is not that." Most of the complaints from ladies is that guys (most of them) are not fashionable. See, it's may be impossible for a broke guy to impress you with the latest designer wears and accessories.

That's why you might need to consider dating a Yahoo boy, as he will be able to afford the latest wears you want. Infact, all Yahoo boys have a reasonable sense of fashion. Take note, as well!

4. Expensive Dates:
Dating a Yahoo boy will afford you the privilege to go on expensive and exotic dates. A broke guy can't afford that, we all know. A Yahoo boy can afford to take you on any date. Is it a trip to Dubai? A Yahoo boy will take care of that. Is it an exclusive dinner date? It'll be taken care of. Anything you want, just mention it!

5. Numerous Gifts:
Another complain I do hear, most often, from ladies is, "my boyfriend doesn't buy me this, he doesn't buy me that." Aunty, you can't expect a broke man to buy you all those gifts you've always fantasized. You can only get those fantastic gifts from a Yahoo boy.

You want an iPhone 11? Date a Yahoo boy, hell suprise you with one. You want a Samsung Galaxy S8 or whatever? A Yahoo boyfriend will make you happy by getting you one. So, what are we talking about?

See, I can go on and on, about reasons for you to date a Yahoo boy, but I'll end it here with these 5 reasons. However, dating a Yahoo boy is risky, and should be made on your own personal decision.

I won't advise my female colleagues or female relatives to date one, but if you decide to, you made a good decision, as you'll enjoy the 5 benefits I listed above. LOL!!!!

Let me hear your personal opinions about this subject, in the comments section. Ask your questions as well, I'll answer them promptly.

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