Ric Hassani Net Worth, Biography, Career & Early Life (2021)

Ric Hassani

Ric Hassani is a musician whose arrival in the Nigerian music scene has been heralded as a massive relief. Ric has steadily climbed the ladder since his breakthrough, no doubt imprinting his soulful songs in the hearts of listeners who are still looking for fresh sounds and something interesting.

Many of Ric Hassani's fans have expressed a desire to hear more of his songs and hear his voice. The singer has stayed true to his 'love theme' throughout his career.

Boyz II Men, Craig David, Chris Brown, Sam Smith, and Justin Bieber are among Ric's musical influences. Timi Dakolo, Darey Art Alade, and Praiz are among his contemporaries. Ric is currently one of Africa's rising stars, having captured the attention of the public in a short period of time with his smooth vocals and intriguing fashion, which is a mix of Western and African prints.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on Ric Hassani and everything there is to know about the musician.

Ric Hassani Biography

Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, better known by his stage name Ric Hassani, is a Nigerian pop artist, songwriter, and musician who was born in Port Harcourt on January 6, 1989. Hassani is a Nigerian graduate of Covenant University. He received a Master's degree in Energy Economics from the University of Surrey in England.

Early Life

Ric Hassani is the youngest of five sisters, all of whom were members of a classical choir at their local Anglican church. Ric would go to choir rehearsals with her sisters when he was about 8 or 9 years old, not because he wanted to learn music, but because the choir served meat pies, which he craved. He was quickly assigned to the task of sharing meat pies with members of the choir because he was the youngest. From there, it all began for Hassani, the young man.

Hassani grew up as a nerd, fascinated by both physics and mathematics.

Ric Hassani Career

Hassani had been singing since he was seven years old, with his voice finding a home in the church choir, but rap was where he began his musical career, concealing his high octave voice and reserved demeanor behind the aggressive shelter that (rap) provides. It's hard to believe he was once a rapper as he sings about love in an almost feminine voice and teeters on the verge of dandiness.

Hassani wasn't being himself when he pursued a career in rap under the stage name Rico Slim, and he knew it. Others could tell he wasn't being himself. Hassani's friends, especially Skales, congratulated him on finally accepting his true nature when his alternative songs gained mainstream recognition and airplay.

Hassani represents an often-ignored class of young male Nigerians who have no street reputation, abhor violent behavior that society often demands of men, are geeky, socially awkward, and constantly fighting off wrath with his non-threatening, non-aggressive music and a physical presence that exudes intensity.

Ric Hassani is best known for his debut album "The African Gentleman" and his single "Gentleman." The album went on to become a huge hit. Ric was known as a stylish African gentleman in the video clip for the song "Gentleman," which featured him dressed in western-style clothing with national African prints. Ric Hassani's nationality gives his music a distinct flavor, as he never forgets his roots.

In 2015, he released three projects: an acoustic EP titled "Ric Hassani" and the single "Gentleman," as well as a compilation album titled "African Tour Select Singes 2015." This well-known song features a lovely acoustic instrumental and silky vocals.

At the 2016 All Africa Music Awards, Hassani was nominated in three categories: Best Artiste in African R&B and Soul, Video of the Year, and Most Promising Artiste. He was also nominated for two Headies awards in 2016, including Best Alternative Song for "Gentleman."

The Falz and Olamide-assisted "Believe" won Best Collaboration at the Galaxy Music Awards in December 2018.


Hassani claims that 90 percent of his extended family is female. He saw them fall in and out of love as a teen, making poor love and romantic choices. So, in a way, when he sings about love, he's singing a long-awaited love song to his sisters and cousins, who "were in the worst relationships known to man."

Hassani acknowledges that he has no personal experience with love. Instead, the Port Harcourt-born singer taps into the memories of the women he grew up with, singing songs that have the power to heal hearts that have been broken in the past.

“When they get home from these dates, they'll say things like, ‘Oh, the guy is nice, but he should have done this,' or ‘Why didn't he say this?' Hassani claims he learned what a woman desires in love and romance as a result of this.

Hassani considers his music to be "pure and honest" because his lyrics are inspired by pure and honest feelings. If there's one thing he's addicted to, it's watching couple engagement videos on YouTube.

He draws the energy for his song from there, which paints a near-perfect image of love. Hassani says of engagements, "I feel like it's one of the most fragile, pure, truthful moments between two people ever." “I get to tap off the feelings in those moments. I'm able to use those feelings as a source of inspiration. Go to the studio, put it in a bottle.”

Boyz II Men, Craig David, Chris Brown, and Sam Smith are some of Ric Hassani's biggest influences.

Ric Hassani Fashion Sense

Ric Hassani

Hassani is almost always dressed as the lead model in a Tom Ford collection inspired by Africa. Hassani's well-tailored garments, which tastefully blend Ankara prints with corporate designs, have redefined what an African gentleman should look like while also helping to create and solidify his brand.

His Relationship Life

Ric Hassani has openly acknowledged that he is softer than most men, and this is one of the main influences on his theme and music. This aspect of his life has been kept hidden from the public eye. Regrettably, we have no details about his love life or memories.

Ric Hassani Net Worth

Ric Hassani, also known as Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, is a Nigerian pop and alternative singer with a net worth of $41,000. (N150 million).

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