Understanding The Five Stages Of A Relationship For Every Couple

stages of a relationship
                    5 Stages of a relationship

Every relationship passes through the stages of dating. There are a total of five. You’ll go through five stages of love: attraction, dating, disappointment, stability, and finally commitment. You’ll find out if you and your spouse are destined for a lifetime commitment by going through these five stages of a relationship.

The Main Five Stages of a Relationship

The length of time you spend in each stage is determined by the respective couples. Because of incompatibility or emotional immaturity, some couples never go to the following stages. Because each relationship is different, determining the stages of a relationship by month can be challenging.

Stage One: Attraction and Romance

This is a stage that every couple goes through. It happens while you’re first getting to know each other; it’s an important dating stage to take. Because your relationship may appear flawless during this time, it’s also known as the fantasy period or honeymoon stage. The duration of this stage varies, although it can span anywhere from a few months to two years. Phase one lasts roughly three months on average. This stage is enjoyable, but it is not long-term. People who are continuously changing partners aim to stay in this stage as much as possible. The following are some of the highlights of this period of love:

  • Biological factors take over and cause you to only notice the good by focusing on your common interests and dismissing imperfections.
  • Spending plenty of time around each other – after all, you’re in love and can’t picture life without your partner.
  • Dispute avoidance – At this level, conflict is not only avoided, but it also appears as though it will never happen.

The romance stage features many endorphins running through your body that makes you feel butterflies kicking in your stomach.

Stage Two: Reality Sets In

This stage usually creeps in gradually throughout your relationship, but it can also happen all at once. The reality period usually lasts six months, or until both of you decide to stay together. This is where a lot of relationships end because one person realizes they made a bad choice. You can advance to the next level if you can accept each other’s weaknesses. Healthy relationships are at this stage when:

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  • You begin to notice imperfections in your partner’s behavior that you dislike. It’s not that you’re no longer in love, but your partner no longer appears to be as wonderful as he or she was in stage 1.
  • The principles of biology are working against you. Many endorphins stream through your body during the romance period, giving you that “high” feeling. Because your body can’t keep going like this indefinitely, your elation begins to fade at this point.
  • You start to doubt whether or not you’re still in love. The connection no longer appears to be as surreal as it once was.

Stage Three: Disappointment

In stage three, what started off as realism setting in during stage two typically turns into disappointment. At this point, couples spend roughly a year ironing out their disagreements in order to reach a point of stability. You’ll likely progress to the following step if you’re able to interact in a healthy manner and notice favorable results. The issues at hand are as follows:

  • You believe that arguments are terrible for a couple, but you are still upset with each other.
  • Some of your rage may be directed at insignificant distinctions between you.
  • You question if this relationship is bound to fail since you don’t grasp that fighting may be constructive. In fact, you may be considering divorcing or breaking up with your partner.
  • Couples are unlikely to progress past this stage unless they have great communication, trust, and the capacity to operate as a team.
5 stages of love
                5 Stages of a Relationship

Stage Four: Stability

If any couple can get through the stormy waves of stage three, stage four will provide enough of rest and leisure. Before moving on to the ultimate level of commitment, couples spend about two years feeling stable. To keep the flame alive, make an effort to liven up your everyday life together.

  • You’ve now had some time together as a pair and have been able to work through some disagreements.
  • Stage one’s fantasy is fully gone, but you’ve accepted it. Yes, you have disagreements and argue from time to time, but you love your spouse, feel connected to him or her, and are confident that you will be able to work through any future issues.
  • However, because the chase is officially done, you may become bored at times.
  • You might also miss stage one sentiments and question whether you can find such feelings in someone else.
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Stage Five: Commitment

Even married couples have a hard time making it this far. You’ve advanced through the five phases of love and are now truly a team. If you’re dating, this is the time to get married if you’re happy with your decision. In a perfect world for happy couples, it is a stage of mature and sustained love that lasts forever. The following are significant milestones:

  • You decided to be with your lover, flaws and all, because you love them.
  • You don’t miss the romance period since it would need you to be with a new person, which you don’t want to do.
  • You and your spouse have a shared long term vision.

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Bottom Line — Stages of a Relationship

Understanding the five stages of a relationship might assist you in better understanding your sentiments toward your spouse and your relationship. It’s natural to lose those early romantic sensations, yet something far more meaningful is waiting for you at a later stage. Communication and hard work are required to go through the stages of a relationship. When you discover the right person to join you on your journey, it’s well worth the effort.


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