2 Chainz Net Worth, Biography, Career & Personal Life

2 chainz net worth
                        2 Chainz Net Worth

What do you know about 2 Chainz net worth? Tauheed Epps, well known by his stage name “2 Chainz,” is an American rapper from College Park. 2 Chainz first rose to prominence as one half of the hip-hop duo ‘Playaz Circle.’

In 2012, he published his first song and debut album, and he continued to rap from there. He’s worked with some of the world’s top rappers, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and ASAP Rocky.

2 Chainz Net Worth

2 Chainz has a net worth of $9 million dollars as an American hip hop recording artist. 2 Chainz, formerly known as Tity Boi, has risen to prominence as one of the most well-known rappers of the modern age, particularly among southern musicians. The rapper is known for wearing two chains around his neck, but he regularly wears up to seven. 2 Chainz is a rapper who has dabbled in a variety of business activities throughout his career.

2 Chainz Biography

Tauheed Epps, 2 Chainz’s true name, was born on September 12th, 1977, in College Park, Georgia. Despite growing up in a low-income neighborhood, Epps worked hard in high school and graduated second in his class. During his youth, he also played basketball and developed into a skilled player. Despite this, Epps continued to be disorderly, selling drugs to his classmates, including marijuana and cocaine. He was arrested for felony cocaine possession when he was 15 years old. Epps became involved in music for the first time in high school, writing his first raps with a group of peers.

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Despite his criminal background, Epps was a hardworking student who was awarded a scholarship to Alabama State University. He was a member of the college basketball team and graduated afterwards. Rumors that 2 Chainz had graduated from university with a 4.0 GPA were eventually debunked. He also alleged that he temporarily attended Virginia State University. Epps was a promising college basketball player who put up some outstanding numbers.

2 Chainz Career

Tity Boi was Epps’ stage name when he formed Playaz Circle, a hip-hop duo with childhood buddy Earl Conyers, in 1997. Conyers, also known as Dolla Boy, was instrumental in the publication of 2 Chainz’s debut independent album, “United We Stand, United We Fall,” in 2002. The album caught the attention of Atlanta rapper Ludacris, who aided the duo’s rise to fame by promoting their songs on the radio. Ludacris, who had not yet achieved fame, was living in the same apartment complex at the time and working as a DJ.

Ludacris’ early association with Playaz Circle would prove to be quite advantageous, as the rapper quickly reconnected with the group after becoming extremely successful. He persuaded 2 Chainz and Dolla Boy to sign with Disturbing Tha Peace, his newly created record company. This would serve as a springboard for the team, and their first studio album, “Supply & Demand,” was published in 2007. “Duffle Bag Boy,” the album’s lead track, rapidly became a fan favorite and featured Lil’ Wayne. At the BET Hip-Hop Awards, 2 Chainz performed the song. 2 Chainz departed Playaz Circle and Disturbing Tha Peace to pursue a solo career after releasing one more studio album.

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Who is 2 Chainz Wife?

Who is 2 Chainz wife? The name of his wife is Kasha Ward. Because of the unneeded focus, several celebrity marriages have been known to dissolve prematurely. This is not the case with 2 Chainz, who prefers to keep his personal life to himself. He married Kasha Ward, his longtime partner and the mother of his three children. The couple met before the rapper achieved the level of fame and acclaim that he does now.

At the 2013 BET Awards, Kasha Ward’s loving husband proposed to her for the first time. They never made it to the altar, though. So, at the 2018 Met Gala, the rapper proposed for the second time. Epps and his wife have three children: Heaven and Harmony, two daughters, and Halo, their third kid. These two lovebirds welcomed Halo, the family’s lone boy, on October 14, 2015.

2 Chainz Height

How tall is 2 Chainz? The popular American rapper is approximately 6 feet 5 inches or 196 cm.

2 Chainz Quotes

“The independent route was the best move for me. But I think I’ve maximized everything I could do independently. I’ve done everything out the mixtape market. I think getting the big machine behind you is the next stage when you’ve maximized the independent level.” – 2 Chainz 

“I’m from the south side of Atlanta, College Park, and we all really care about our dress code and our apparel and our attire, so I think it’s just something that started when I was growing up. Just trying to be me and up to date and being an individual at the same time.” – 2 Chainz 

“I encourage everyone to pay attention to the issues that matter to you, from jobs and the economy to education and our schools, to criminal justice reform. Whatever it is that you care about, make sure you use your voice.” – 2 Chainz 

“I don’t care what anybody else is wearing. I feel like they’re all waiting to see what I have on. If you really want to know the truth, that’s what I think. They’re waiting to see what I’m doing next.” – 2 Chainz

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“Ah, Yeezy Yeezy how you do it huh? It’s my birthday, I deserve to be greedy huh? She holding out, she ain’t givin’ to the needy huh? You go downstairs and fall asleep with the T.V. on Y’all been together ten years, you deserve a ménage ‘Specially if you put that BMW in her garage.” – 2 Chainz 

“T.R.U. University, I pull it up and murk a beat. Mama house was filled up with bags of Hercules. Soon as I finished p****n’, I put the seat down. Or my mama is cussin’ my damn ass out the Only child, no siblings, no besties. I couldn’t do anything right like a lefty.” – 2 Chainz

2 Chainz Age

How old is 2 Chainz? As at 2021, he is 44 years old currently.

Summary — 2 Chainz Net Worth

Without a question, 2 Chainz is one of the best rappers of this decade. He, like many other superstars, has worked with the top producers and performers in the music industry and has amassed a massive net worth over the course of his career.

2 Chainz’s net worth is estimated to be $9 million, at the moment.


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